Our Group School Integration Courses: live and learn like an English teenager

  • 'First of all, thank you very much for the big effort you made with my Integration students. All of them, and their parents are very, very happy!’'

    An agent from Lleida in Spain

  • 'In the High School we had very interesting topics like cooking, singing and football. Topics that we definitely don’t have in Spain!'

    An Integration student from Vigo in Spain

  • 'love the time that I’ve spent at The English Experience. I’ve had a truly great experience! I’d like to return to the school again next year'

    A student from Beijing, China

For groups of students aged 13 to 15.

Term time only.
Contact The English Experience for current dates and availability.

Start your Integration experience any Monday.

  • Level of English – B1 +
  • Unique English language and cultural experience
  • Full day Saturday excursion
  • For groups of 15 or more students

Welcome to England, where you will have the chance to join in at an English High School with English students. You will study new subjects, experience a different teaching environment and explore new ways to learn. You’ll be introduced to an English ‘buddy’ who will be your guide and your friend as you navigate around your new school. We have a close working partnership with many of the excellent local schools in Norwich and Norfolk.

Course Objectives

  • Develop effective and appropriate communication skills
  • Promote both independent and collaborative learning
  • Provide contexts for cross curricular links
  • Access a range of topics through educational, cultural and social interaction
  • Full-day integration course

    • Full Day in English High School
    • English ‘Buddy’

    During the integration students spend the whole school day with their English ‘buddy’. They meet their friends and take part in all the lessons included in the curriculum. These lessons also include English Literature and Language. A full day integration experience enables students to immerse themselves not only in the culture, but the language itself. They will regularly use and practise their English language skills in a native environment. The class size will vary depending on the school, but English schools usually have 30 students per class. Class times vary, but a typical day at an English school runs between 08:30 – 15:30. At The English Experience, we have friendly, caring homestay hosts who will welcome you into their English home during your stay. Tell me more.

Included in the course:

  • Weekend arrival
  • Welcoming and friendly homestay accommodation including 3 meals a day
  • Full day Saturday excursion
  • Certificate of Attendance

*Please note these courses are not accredited by the British Council.