Terms and Conditions


1. Contract

The Contract is made between The English Experience (UK) Ltd (referred to as The English Experience) and the person who is booking the course on behalf of a student. In the event of a group, the person who completes the booking will take responsibility for the booking as “party leader”. The contract is governed by English Law and in the event of any dispute will be dealt with under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

2. Payment of Fees

A deposit (“the deposit”) of 40% of the total charge to be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to the date of the visit. The balance of the total price will be invoiced to you and must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival.

3. Not included in Price

Flights from your local airport to point of entry into the UK, personal and travel insurance. This includes the free of charge place for accompanying leader/teacher. On arrival all students need to purchase a bus pass for local travel to and from school.

The total cost of airport transfers for groups from any airport other than Stansted. There will be a supplement charge of £20 for transfers from any London airport other than Stansted. For every 15 students the cost of transfer for the accompanying leader will be free.

4. Individual Students

Students who wish to enrol individually will be accepted subject to availability. Airport transfers are not included in the price. Please contact us for further information.

5. Insurance

For the safety and security of students, The English Experience insists that all persons attending the visit take out separate visit insurance through a reputable Insurance Company. This insurance is not included in the price of the visit and is to be arranged by you prior to the commencement of your visit.

6. Changing or cancelling your Booking

a) If you change your booking

You may change your booking by adding members at any time, providing that you have first checked availability with The English Experience and can send deposits immediately. The English Experience cannot guarantee that changes will be possible but will do their best to ensure that it can be done. A  charge of up to a maximum of £50 per amendment may be made by The English Experience if costs have been incurred. You must notify The English Experience of any changes to the booking in writing.

b) If you cancel your booking

All cancellations must be notified to The English Experience in writing. There is no charge for cancellations 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the course but after that date an administration fee of £100 per person applies. If cancellation takes place, The English Experience also reserves the right to charge you for any out of pocket expenses which it may have incurred or such other penalties or external administration costs incurred as a result of the cancellation.

c) If you replace a booking with a different student

You may replace one student with another without charge, unless any costs were incurred by The English Experience as a result of the change.

7. Refunds

A refund may be paid up until 8 weeks before the start of the course. All refunds will be made to the original payer in the same manner of payment. If a course is cancelled less than 8 weeks before the start of the course, a refund may still be given but a £100 fee will be charged.

8. Can the English Experience (UK) Ltd cancel a Booking?

The English Experience reserves the right to make alterations to the visit arrangements. Minor changes will be made without informing you of them. Where significant changes are to be made you will be notified of the change as soon as possible and will be given the option of accepting the visit with the changes or cancelling the visit. Occasionally it becomes impossible to run a particular visit. The English Experience reserves the right to cancel the visit at its discretion.

Compensation will be paid in the event of cancellation unless such cancellation is as a result of matters beyond the control of The English Experience. Where compensation is paid pursuant to this clause, such compensation will be no more than the money already received from you at that particular time.

All groups and individuals receive a programme prior to the commencement of the visit.

9. Force Majeure

For the avoidance of doubt “matters beyond the control of The English Experience” include such things as war, threat of war, natural and nuclear disaster, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, fire or adverse weather conditions, or other similar events.

10. Public Holidays

If a Public Holiday falls within your chosen course dates, the programme may be altered accordingly.

11. Supervision

Minors are to be accompanied on the visit by a responsible adult appointed by the Party Leader who will have total responsibility for the conduct of the minors under their control at all times for the duration of the visit. In particular it shall be the responsibility of the adult to ensure that all local laws are obeyed including those relating to the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Party leaders are also responsible for the behaviour of their students at all times. The English Experience reserves the right to change the accommodation of the student, or ask the student to return to their home country in circumstances where the student has caused offence, damage, danger or distress to others. In this event The English Experience’s obligations to the individual in respect of the visit cease immediately. In the case that the student must return to their home country, the fees will be non-refundable, and the parents/guardian of the student will have to make arrangements for the departure of the student at their own cost.

12. Student conduct

Students are expected to follow the school rules, and behave in a fitting way whilst representing The English Experience throughout the duration of their stay, including whilst taking part in their activity programme and within their accommodation. If a student breaks the school code or commits a serious offence, or breaks the law, especially if a student is caught using or buying drugs, or shoplifting, they may be sent home early. If a student is sent home early the fees will be non-refundable, and the parents/guardian of the student will have to make arrangements for the departure of the student at their own cost.

13. Medical

At the time of registration you MUST make The English Experience aware of any medical conditions or information regarding health. The school should also be notified of any concerns or issues about the child’s welfare or personal life.

If a student has to be repatriated due to illness or accident the Party Leader(s) and the school will collaborate to ensure a swift resolution.

14. Location of lessons

In the summer, some classes may be held off site at a nearby location.

15. Accommodation

The students stay with local hosts in their homes. The host will provide breakfast and dinner and packed lunches. All students are expected back at their own accommodation by the time allocated by their group leader (or by22:00 latest). The responsibility for the conduct of the students during this time remains with the individual student or with the appointed adult in the case of minors. Students may be in a shared room with 1 other student per room (unless specifically agreed otherwise with a parent/agent) and a maximum of 4 students in one house.


The students will be accommodated on site at our listed residential location. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided on site. There is a maximum of 5 students per bedroom with shared bathroom facilities. Accompanying group leaders’ accommodation is in single rooms with allocated bathroom.

16. Privacy

Registering with The English Experience means you consent to the school storing and using your information. Any personal data that you supply to The English Experience will be held and processed only for the purpose for which it is supplied. We ensure that all personal data is captured, held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information you supply will be given to third parties only within the provision of this Act.

17. Complaints

If you have a complaint, you should report it as quickly as possible to the appropriate person as listed on the Complaints Policy and Procedure. Please do not wait until returning home before reporting a problem. Each student will also be provided with an emergency telephone number which will give immediate access to the local organiser or their appointed agent. All complaints will be recorded and filed after being investigated and are treated with respect and privacy. If there is need to take the complaint further the student can contact The British Council.

18. Group Leaders Police Check

The school requires that group leaders have a police check or a certificate of good conduct from their own country. If dealing with a group leader direct, (e.g. the teacher of a school group) the organisation would need to see a copy of this. If working through an agent, the organisation must have a signed agreement that the agent will only send group leaders who have received clear local police checks, but the organisation does not need to see copies of those police checks.

19. Letters of consent to travel

Different airline companies / countries need letters of consent to travel / documentation / written permission from a parent/guardian. Failure to provide documents/letters may prevent child from travelling/leaving airport. Therefore any additional costs incurred because of this will need to be paid for by the Party Leader.

20. Payments

The Party Leader is responsible for paying any bank charges associated with their payments.


These terms and conditions do not apply to English Camps overseas. Please contact The English Experience for full details.