Where will I stay?

All our students stay in Homestay accommodation. Our hosts are all friendly and provide you with the opportunity to use your English in a comfortable, home environment.

What is my English level?

If you come on a Study Holiday, you will be assessed through a Placement Test and speaking assessment during your first day. If you come for a Short Course your Group Leaders will provide us with your level before your arrival at The English Experience. A Placement Test is available on request, and advised for students on a longer Short Course programme.

What will I study?

All our lessons are interactive, communicative and designed to engage young people. Our qualified teachers select current and relevant topics, allowing both independent and collaborative learning to complete tasks. You will be taught at the level appropriate for you to practice and progress in your language skills, grammar and pronunciation

How do I get to school every day?

Most of our students take the bus from their homestay to school. The route is clearly explained by the host parent, and a diagram and directions given. Some students who live in close proximity to the school may walk.

What happens when I arrive in the UK?

Groups will be met at the point of entry to the UK by a member of The English Experience staff. They will travel with you back to Norwich where you will meet your host. If you are travelling independently, please ensure that you check your airline policy regarding unaccompanied under-18s travel. Our office is happy to advise you on transfers to Norwich

How much free time will I have?

This will vary depending on your programme. Usually groups have a full activity programme that allows at least one day per week (normally at the weekend) free to spend with their host families and explore the local area. Some groups may also have an afternoon without a planned activity to enjoy free time or shopping.

How much money will I need during my stay?

Your accommodation, all catering costs and activity costs are included in the price. Any additional activities you request may cost extra. You might want to bring spending money for souvenirs, shopping etc. You will also need to purchase a bus ticket for local travel.

How do I register for a course?

When you’ve decided to attend one of our courses, contact Sylvia on [email protected]


Where does an English Camp take place?

English Camps are run in your school, or any suitable venue in your local area e.g. a community centre or a youth centre.

Why choose an English Camp?

English Camps are a fun-filled way to be full immersed in English in your own country. Camps are perfect for children aged 7-14, helping to build confidence speaking English.

When are English Camps?

You can have an English Camp any time of the year. Most of our English Camps are at the beginning or end of the summer holidays.

Where do the students stay?

Students stay with their own families. It’s not a residential course. They attend the course during the day.

What happens during an English Camp?

Students learn through fun and activities. Each week will cover a range of English, sport, art, drama and

Who teaches on an English Camp?

We send our own staff to you. There’s a Camp Coordinator responsible for the running and organisation of the Camp and professional, native speaking Teachers and Activity Leaders.

I would like an English Camp in my area. What should I do?

Contact the Manager of Overseas Courses, and they’ll give you more information and details about hosting an English Camp - [email protected].