Building your English for the future with examination courses

  • 'I found the lessons very interesting and truly interactive! I really enjoyed this and it helped me become more fluent when speaking in English.'

    A student from Trento in Italy

  • 'In the school I have used English to communicate with people from so many countries and that really makes me overjoyed. I love Norwich and England!'

    A 12 year old student from Wuhan, China

  • 'Students from different countries get on very well together. Lessons have a good ambience and good chemistry between teachers and classmates.'

    A 17 year old student from Burgos in Spain

  • 'The lessons are very interesting and I have enjoyed many activities. I can see that my English has greatly improved since I came here!'

    A student from the Czech Republic

  • 'The school teachers are kind and full of enthusiasm. Their teaching methods are diverse and abundant, which encourage students to learn and think actively.'

    A visiting teacher from Taipei,Taiwan

  • 'I liked my experience in Norwich. The teachers were very good and we went to many interesting places. I met new friends from different countries.'

    A 15 year old student from Sofia, Bulgaria

  • 'I’m so happy to be in Norwich, I‘ve learned a lot from my teachers. I’ve been to London, Windsor Castle, the British Museum They were amazing!'

    A 16 year old student from Wuhan, China

  • 'I met a lot of other students from different cultures. We all practised our English together. It was a great experience and I loved it!’'

    A student from Warsaw in Poland

Courses held all year up to 18 June 2023
(recommencing late August 2023)

1-2 weeks (longer courses available)


For groups aged 11 to 18 (16 to 18 for IELTS) – (levels A1 – C2)

  • For groups of 15 or more students
  • Class times 09 00 – 12 30 or 13 30 – 17 00 (with a 30-minute break)
  • Arrive any day of the week
  • 20 hours of study per week – 15 hours of English Lessons plus 5 hours of workshops (Monday to Friday, with optional Saturday)
  • Course report
  • Engaging and interactive lessons taught by professional and enthusiastic teachers
  • Free Wi-Fi in the school



These courses offer a more in-depth study option and are designed for groups of students currently working towards an exam, or planning to take an exam in the future. Our aim is to help students improve their confidence and to build on speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary skills. We plan our classes to fit the needs of our students and focus on improving general English skills which are transferable to the chosen exam, as well as helping students to understand the format of the exam and giving the techniques and practice needed to achieve success.

By taking an internationally recognised English exam you have instant proof of your level, evidence of your ability to study, advantage over others looking to study or work in an English speaking environment and more confidence in communicating in English.

Objectives and Entry Levels

For objectives and entry levels, see individual exam courses below.

Introduction to Exams

The English Experience offer an Introduction to Exams course, which can be of any duration from 6 days to 4 weeks. A summary of what is included in the Introduction to Exams short course can be shown in the comparison table below. Full details of the Introduction to Exams course can be found under our Short Courses.  If you have any specific needs for your group please contact [email protected]

  • Cambridge examination courses

    Age: 11-18
    Level: A2 (Pre-Intermediate) – C2 (Proficiency).

    Cambridge exams are internationally recognised by universities and employers in English-speaking countries.

    Our exam preparation courses focus on the development of communicative skills through activity-based learning and group work. Through these fully immersive courses you will improve your language skills and maximise your fluency using English both in the classroom and in the real world.

    Cambridge English exams take the form of 4 separate papers which test speaking, listening, reading, writing and use of English with an emphasis on general English. The exam tasks test your real-life language skills and your use of everyday spoken and written English for work or study purposes. These certificates never expire — they are an achievement for life and are recognised around the world.

    • Key English Test (KET) A2
    • Preliminary English Test (PET) B1
    • First Certificate in English (FC) B2
    • Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) C1
    • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) C2

    Mock and Assessment

    At the end of course there will be a mock Cambridge speaking exam and assessment.

    Course Objectives:

    • Build understanding of exam task types and techniques
    • Offer assessment through example exam tasks & teacher feedback
    • Provide exam practice in relevant areas
    • Develop confidence and understanding when dealing with exam situations
    • Promote both independent and collaborative learning

    Sample Programmes and Activities

    Here are examples or our 1 week and 2 week programmes, which shows the types of activities included. For more information on activities, visit our Activities page.


    If you have any specific needs for your group please contact [email protected]


Travel and Accommodation

  • Welcoming and friendly full board homestay accommodation including 3 meals a day
  • For every 15 students, 1 accompanying leader/teacher stays free of charge
  • Weekend arrival only
  • Airport transfers for groups of 15+ from London Stansted or Norwich International airports (additional £20 per person for other London airports)
  • Additional charge for unsocial arrival / departure times (23 30 – 06 00) (additional £20 per person, return)
  • Assisted check in for individual unaccompanied students under 16 is compulsory:  £50 supplement


Welfare and Safety


Activities and Excursions

One full-day and one half-day excursion is included every week, plus activities.

A dynamic range of activities and excursions are included on the course and additional activities or bespoke programmes can be developed for an additional charge. Please refer to the sample programme for details, or view the activities page of this website for more information. If you have specific requirements for your group please contact [email protected].

Make an Enquiry

Click the email link, or use the email address [email protected] to email your enquiry. If possible, please give preferred dates and numbers.  For full contact information and school closure dates, please visit the Contact Us page.