Explore and discover the delights of England in your free time

Studying at The English Experience isn’t just about lessons. There are a range of activities for you to make sure that you enjoy as much of Norwich and England as possible. The programme offers cultural, leisure and sporting activities. Groups have an Activity Leader as a guide and accompanying adult during the Activities and Excursions.

  • 'I loved the excursions because it was the time to meet each other outside the classroom and make new friends. Also, I loved discovering wonderful towns and cities.'

    Marie, 16
    French student from Thonon-Les-Bains

  • 'I liked playing table tennis in an English sports hall. I liked to go shopping to buy nice things and I liked the trips very much. Then, I liked the disco. I want more, more, more disco!'

    Julia, 15
    Student from St Petersburg, Russia

  • 'I liked playing Sketch and Talk with the other students. I also enjoyed the Norwich guided tour and the very interesting Blicking Hall excursion.'

    Olivia, 14
    A French student from Bordeaux

  • 'The activities were very interesting and they made you want to participate. I wished they lasted all day!'

    A Spanish student from Vigo

  • 'I enjoyed the scenery on our trips. The activities were great and very educational!'

    Zhang Pin
    A Chinese student from Cheng Du

  • 'I liked very much the day in London and also when we did sports. I also had a very good time at the two discos. Now I am looking forward to seeing Cambridge this Saturday.'

    Miguel, 14
    from Onati in Spain

  • 'The full day excursions are awesome!'

    Aymeric Martinet,
    A16 year old student from Taverny near Paris

  • 'The activities at The English Experience are good and fun!'

    A student from Cogoleto in Italy

Basic Programme Activities

  • Orientation Tour of Norwich On arrival, you will be shown how to find the bank, post office, bus stops and excursion departure points
  • Treasure Hunt Navigate your way around Norwich City Centre. The team with the most points wins the prize!
  • Sport in the Park Football, rounders, wacky races and many more.
  • Student Disco Fully supervised, private student disco with live DJ and dance floor
  • Norwich Cathedral and Riverside Walk Visit one of the most complete Romanesque buildings in Europe and the most complete Norman cathedral in England
  • Dragon Hall Discover why Norwich was one of the most important cities in Medieval England
  • Bowling One of our most popular activities. Can you score a perfect 300?
  • Sainsbury Centre An inspirational public art museum based at the University of East Anglia
  • Castle Museum Visit one of the city’s most famous landmarks, built by the Normans over 900 years ago
  • Cinema See one of the latest releases on the big screen – an excellent way to improve your English!
  • Roller Skating Travel on 8 wheels round a dynamic dance floor
  • Swimming In one of Norwich’s top swimming pools
  • Pitch and Putt A game of mini-golf in Norwich’s beautiful Eaton Park
  • Snooker/ Pool Traditional indoor games snooker and pool

Please note: Activities may vary depending on time of year, cost of programme and availability

Basic Programme Trips and Excursions

For a little extra cost, you can enjoy the following:

Add-on Excursions

Add-on Activities